Three lanes of the Louis-Hippolyte-La Fontaine tunnel out of six closed as of October 31

Traffic management from October 31 until November 2025:

  • One lane will remain open toward the South Shore
  • Two lanes will remain open toward Montréal

The purpose of the work is to ensure that the tunnel lasts for 40 years without the need for any additional major work.

Certain public transit services free of charge until 2025

The Ministère encourages users to change their commuting habits and use public transit to ease traffic near the tunnel. Several mitigation measures were implemented for this purpose.  

The Ministère and its mobility partners would like to remind users that shuttles RTL-61, RTL-461, exo-520, exo-521 and exo-532, which serve the South Shore park-and-ride lots and the Radisson terminal in Montréal, will be free for the next three years.

Until November 2022, transit fares (two rides) will be distributed to shuttle users at the Radisson terminal so they can continue their route free of charge.

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