Verchères, Chambly, Candiac, Les Cèdres… Montréal’s South Shore, which borders the St. Lawrence, is a gateway to the Montérégie region. Using the train or bus is a great way to cross the River to reach the heart of Montréal. Here are the current mitigation measures in this sector.

Additional parking spaces in park-and-ride facilities

  • 133 parking spaces in Mont-Saint-Hilaire park-and-ride facility
  • Parking spaces along boulevard Roland-Therrien

Maintenance of parking spaces in park-and-ride facilities

  • Addition of 238 spaces and 5 bus platforms in Chambly
  • 298 spaces and 6 bus platforms in Montcalm-Candiac
  • 395 spaces at the Sainte-Catherine station and in the surrounding areas
  • 278 spaces in Châteauguay
  • 60 spaces at the Candiac station
  • 52 spaces at the Pincourt station
  • 50 spaces on rue de l’Aqueduc in Verchères

Maintenance of operations

  • Bikezone at the Longueuil terminal, in cooperation with Université de Sherbrooke

Additional services

  • Extension and improvement of RTL line 161, which links the De Mortagne parking lot and the De Montarville terminal
  • 2 departures during rush hours on RTL line 180 from the De Montarville terminal toward the Longueuil terminal
  • 1 departure on RTL line 84
  • exo bus along route 132 (Sorel-Varennes area)
  • exo bus along autoroute 20 (Sainte-Julie area)
  • exo ExpressO line in the Vallée-du-Richelieu area

Maintenance of service improvements

  • RTL lines serving the Montarville terminal
  • RTL line 161 (de Mortagne/J.-Cartier/Roland-Therrien parking area)
  • RTL line 22 (Longueuil-St-Hubert/Sect. B station)
  • Additional departures on RTL line 45 to downtown from the Panama Terminal during rush hours
  • 6 additional train departures on the Candiac line
  • 6 additional exo taxibus departures to the Delson station of the Candiac line
  • 6 additional exo minibus departures to the Candiac station of the Candiac line
  • Enhanced exo service for bus lines to downtown from the South Shore
  • 7 additional exo bus departures to the Saint-Constant station during rush hours
  • Enhanced exo bus service at the Vaudreuil, Île-Perrot, Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue, Pointe-Claire and Pincourt stations
  • Additional departures to downtown on various exo lines from the South Shore
  • Addition of a train car on the Vaudreuil-Hudson train line for departures during rush hours (morning and evening)
  • 3 departures during the morning and afternoon rush hours for the RTL line 180 from the Montarville terminal to the Longueuil terminal
  • Additional service on exo Express A40 bus line from the Vaudreuil station toward the Côte-Vertu terminal

Fare measure

  • Renewal of the measure promoting the use of public transportation