Roxboro/Sunnybrooke area 4

March 30, 2020: Closure of the Mont-Royal tunnel and disruption in service of the Deux-Montagnes line between the Bois-Franc station and the Central Station

The REM work will be performed in two phases in Montréal West Island: in March 30, 2020, the closure of the Mont-Royal tunnel will cause a disruption in service between the Bois-Franc station and the Central Station; in mid-2021, the Deux-Montagnes line will be completely closed.

Mitigation measures in place

  • Starting March 30, 2020: improvement of the bus service to the Côte-Vertu metro station
  • Preferential measures for buses (bus priority signals, passing lane to avoid queues, reserved lanes)
  • Increased use of reserved lanes to ease traffic


Public transit mitigation measures

Preferred route – At all times

  1. Shuttle 968 STM – Trainbus Roxboro/Côte-Vertu from the Roxboro-Pierrefonds station to the Côte-Vertu station, with a stop at the Sunnybrooke station (±40 min)
  2. Metro STM from the Côte-Vertu station to the Bonaventure station (±25 min)

SHUTTLE 968 – Trainbus Roxboro/Côte-Vertu

  • Service on weekdays from 5:30 a.m. to 12:45 a.m.:
    every 8 minutes during rush hours
    every 15 minutes off-peak
    every 20 minutes in the evening
  • Service on weekends between 6 a.m. and midnight
  • Use of reserved lanes on boulevard Pitfield, boulevard Gouin, and on the axis of Côte Vertu during rush hours
  • Transit priority signals for the shuttle during off-peak periods

Travel options

  • Line 470 STM – Express Pierrefonds
    • Additional service toward Côte-Vertu with 3 new departures
    • Use of reserved lanes on boulevard Saint-Jean and the shoulder on autoroute 40
    • Service with transit priority signals on boulevard Côte-Vertu
  • Line 475 STM – Express Dollard-des-Ormeaux

Fare measures – Deux-Montagnes line (exo6)

Mont-Royal/Canora area 6

Presentation of the REM mitigation measures