REM construction — Solutions for the mobility of employees 2

This activity gathered nearly 200 employers, who were willing to discuss best practices and solutions to implement in their company to mitigate the impacts of the REM work on their employees’ mobility and quality of life.

At the end of the workshop, the partners created practical fact sheets (in French only) for employers to help them implement mobility solutions for their employees. These fact sheets cover eight themes:

  1. Teleworking
  2. Carpooling
  3. Satellite offices
  4. Car sharing
  5. Active transportation
  6. Rules for group work
  7. Chartered shuttles
  8. Communication with employees

The fact sheets define the obstacles, the conditions for success, the needs (financial resources, human resources and time) for each theme and the steps to implement the solution in the company.

A committee of employers will be organized in order to follow up on the ideas and commitments that have been presented until now and continue the mobilization and reflection. The committee will promote the exchange of good practices between companies by highlighting successes.

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