Trunk roads

The metropolitan region is comprised of 82 municipalities located in five main areas: Laval, Longueuil, Montréal, the North Shore and the South Shore. Almost 4 million people, or 48% of Québec’s population, live in this region.

442 km

of national roads

1 777 km

of freeways

1 178


Main trunk roads

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Trunk roads

North-south freeways

Ensemble de routes pour l'axe routier North-south freeways

East-west freeways

Ensemble de routes pour l'axe routier East-west freeways


Ensemble de routes pour l'axe routier Roads

Road investments in the metropolitan region

Each year, the ministère des Transports makes substantial investments to improve the condition of pavements and structures as well as to ensure the efficiency and safety of the road network. Between 2019 and 2021, more than a billion dollars will be invested in roadwork and project preparation.