Mobility Montréal gets a makeover

There’s no magic solution

What if we could fly downtown, teleport at work or go home in a jetpack? Just imagine! Unfortunately, there’s no magic recipe to cut travel times. This is why Mobility Montréal launched a campaign under the theme “There’s no magic way” this fall. This campaign targeted all road users as well as public transit users who will not be impacted by the REM work. The campaign ran on the radio and on the Internet, and was displayed in strategic areas of the region until mid-October. In an empathetic, straightforward and friendly way, the twenty or so partners that comprise Mobility Montréal encouraged road users and public transit users to plan their route, which is THE actual solution for the next few years.

You didn’t see this campaign? It will be back in January and February. Nothing beats planning your route before travelling!

A revamped website

You want to plan your trips, but don’t know where to start? Mobility Montréal has just moved its content, which was hosted by the Québec 511 website, to a separate platform that represents the large group of partners of the metropolitan region. This modern, adaptable and easy-to-use website launched in late August contains all the most up-to-date information needed to get from point A to point B: websites, mobile apps, mitigation measures, major closures, warning banners on the home page during exceptional events, traffic conditions, and much more. Does that sound good?

REM works changes your commute?

We have options. Mobility Montréal just launched a large-scale information campaign to inform Deux-Montages and Mascouche commuter train line users who will be impacted by the closure of the Mont-Royal tunnel about the mitigation measures available to them as of January 6, 2020. The campaign will help them to choose their routes and transportation modes. It will run throughout November on the radio, the Internet and social media, as well as displayed in the areas impacted by the REM work. Stay tuned!