Summer 2020 major roadwork in the Montréal region

Major construction work in fall 2021: an overview

  • This fall, there will be many construction sites in the metropolitan region, especially downtown.
  • Scheduled closures in the Louis-Hippolyte-La Fontaine tunnel will have significant impacts on traffic.
  • Public transit systems are safe. Public transit is THE solution for the progressive return to workplaces and educational institutions.

Highlights (regarding the summer sites)

  • 4 new sites
  • 6 projects completed
  • 3 projects delayed

The Mobility Montréal Technical Committee meets on a regular basis to coordinate traffic disruptions from the various partners, as well as limit their number and mitigate their impacts on road users. In 2020, nearly 33 000 requests for intervention were processed and more than 600 hindrances were avoided.

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